Vorpostenboote Flotillas

Vorpostenboote Flotillas

1 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned 1/10/1939. Redesignated 3rd Sperrbrecher Flotilla on 1/10/1940.

Saw brief service in the western Baltic before transfer to Sperrbrecher duties.

V101 Schwan (redesignated Sp31,131)

V102 Cressida (redesignated Sp 32, 132)

V103 Sylvia (redesignated Sp33)

V104 Falke (redesignated Sp34, 134)

V105 Cremon Sunk by mine 11/4/1940 near Bergen.

V105 Adolph Kirsten (redesignated Sp135)

V106 Phoenix (redesignated Sp136)

V107 Botilla Russ (redesignated Sp137)

V108 Porjus Lost Dec 1939

V108 Friedrich Karl (redesignated Sp138)

V109 Flamingo (redesignated Sp135)


2 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned during September 1939 with eight trawlers and disbanded in December 1944.

Served in the North Sea, later based in Saint Malo for Channel service. After the Overlord landings, the flotilla moved to the Channel Islands, headquartered at St Helier.

V201 Seydlitz (redesignated V211)

V201 Claus Bolten (redesignated V213)

V201 Gebrüder Kähler sunk by mine in the Westerschelde 5/9/1940

V201 St. Pierre d’Alcantara

V202 Franz Westermann (redesignated V205)

V202 Hermann Bösch sunk 28/7/1942 by shellfire from HMS Calpe, HMS Cottesmore and two Royal

Navy Motor Gun Boats British near Cap La Hogue.

V203 Heinrich Buermann (redesignated V207)

V203 Carl Rover (a.D. 13/6/44)

V204 Dorum (transferred and redisgnated V407)

V204 Zieten (a.D 9/44)

V205 Franz Westermann (sunk by air raid 15/6/44 St Peter Port)

V205 Hermann Bösch (redesignated V202)

V206 Gauleiter Telchow (redesignated V209)

V206 Otto Bröhan (scuttled at Blainville near Caen, Calvados 6/6/44)

V207 Otto Bröhan (redesignated V206)

V207 Heinrich Buermann (sunk by air raid 14/6/44 Le Havre)

V208 Gebrüder Kähler (redesignated V201)

V208 R. Walter Darré (sunk by with HMCMTB 748 HMCMTB 735, HMCMTB 743 and HMCMTB 734

4/7/44 near Saint Malo)

V209 Carl Röver (redesignated V203)

V209 Gauleiter Telchow (sunk by torpedo 20/11/39)

V209 Dr. Rudolf Wahrendorff (sunk by air raid 24/7/1944 St Peter Port)

V210 R. Walter Darré (redesignated V208)

V210 Hinrich Hey (sunk by HMCMTB 748 HMCMTB 735, HMCMTB 743 and HMCMTB 734 near Saint

Malo 4/7/44)

V211 Friedrich Busse (scuttled at Caen on 12/6/44)

V211 Seydlitz (sunk off Barfleur by British aircraft 20/3/44)

V212 Hinrich Hey (redesignated V210)

V213 Zieten (redesignated V204)

V213 Claus Bolten (sunk 28/6/44 NW of Saint Malo by British destroyer)

V214 Spica (redesignated V804 and transferred)

V214 Teutonia (redesignated M1507 and transferred)

V215 Baden (redesignated V404 and transferred, sunk by HMGB Grey Owl and HMGB Grey off

Fécamp on 9/8/44 or 28/9/44)

V215 Oliva (scuttled at St Malo 6/8/44)

V215 Senator Predöhl (sunk in the Baltic Sea off Hela, Danzig-West Prussia by Soviet aircraft on 16

April 1945)

V216 Goeland (sunk 6/8/44 St Malo)

V220 (ex-KFK59)

V221 (ex-KFK67)

V222 (ex-KFK68) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V223 (ex-KFK69) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V224 (ex-KFK70) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V225 (ex-KFK71) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V226 (ex-KFK73) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V227 (ex-KFK75) (scuttled at Brest, 18 August 1944).

V228 (ex-KFK80)

V229 (ex-KFK240)

V230 (ex-KFK241)

V231 (ex-KFK242)

V232 (ex-KFK243)


Temporary  attachments

V201 Cape En Berge

V202 Gregoire Andrei

V203 Raymonde

V204 Francois Jaqueline

Emme Care,

St Pierre

Lobsterboats Emilia, Lohitzen, Alfredo, St Jean and Mfl. Delphin.


3 Vorpostenflottille.

Commissioned on 3 October 1939 with eight trawlers, serving in the Baltic and then as convoy protection between the Elbe River and The Netherlands. After Operation Barbarossa, the flotilla moved to Libau, patrolling the Gulf of Finland.

V301 Weser (sunk by mine off Langeland, Baltic Sea, 25/11/1939)

V302 Bremen

V303 Tannenberg (sunk 5/1/41)

V304 Breslau (sunk in storm near Ijmuiden or by mine 17/9/1940)

V305 Ostpreussen

V306 Fritz Hinke (sunk by mine near Ijmuiden 5/1/1940)

V307 Württemburg

V308 Oscar Neynaber (torpedoed and sunk in the Gulf of Finland by Soviet MTB No12 on 23/9/41)

V309 Martin Donandt (sunk by mine off Ventspils 28/10/41)

V310 Rosemarie

V311 Osdorf

V312 Hanseat (grounded and wecked near Nargön 29/9/42)

V313 Eifel

V314 Heinrich Lehnert

V315 Neubau 746 (collided with Hendrik Fisser and sank off Großendorf 12/3/1945)

V316 Neubau (originally built for Russia, torpedoed and sunk by aircraft off Den Helder,


V317 Wega


4 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in September 1939 with eight trawlers and disbanded in September 1944.

Served in the North Sea before moving to the French Atlantic coast and operating between Bordeaux and Bayonne.

V401 Nordland (redesignated V411)

V401 Dr. Adolf Spilker (redesignated V402)

V401 Jan Mayen (scuttled at Bayonne, 21/8/1944)

V402 Hans Loh (redesignated V406)

V402 Dr. Adolf Spilker (scuttled at Bayonne 21/8/1944)

V403 Germania (redesignated V410)

V403 Deutschland (sunk by mine in Westerschelde off Vlissingen 5/9/1940)

V404 Deutschland (redesignated V403)

V404 Baden (scuttled in the Gironde 28/8/1944)

V405 J. Hinrich Wilhelms (sunk July 1944)

V406 Jan Mayen (redesignated V401)

V406 Hans Loh (sunk by a mine in the Gironde estuary, 18/8/1944)

V407 Saarland (redesignated V411)

V407 Dorum (scuttled after air raid damage 28/8/1944 at Bordeaux)

V408 Haltenbank (sunk by torpedo from USS Blackfish 20/2/1943 north of Bilbao)

V409 August Bösch (bombed and sunk 20/8/1944 at Les Sables d’Olonne)

V410 Germania (sunk by RAF Beaufighter attack from 235 and 248 Squadrons 12/8/1944 in the

Gironde estuary)

V411 Nordland (sunk 7/4/1940 Norway)

V411 Saarland (sunk by RAF 236 and RCAF 404 Squadron Beaufighters on 26/8/1944 in the Gironde)

V412 Bremerhaven (sunk by torpedo 25/11/1941, raised redesignated V805, transferred then

returned as V412)

V413 Ferdinand Niedermeyer (sunk by RAF 236 and RCAF 404 Squadron Beaufighters on 21/8/1944

At Le Verdon-sur-Mer)

V414 Sachsenwald (sunk by shellfire from HMS Ashanti, Bellona and Tartar and HMCS Haida and

Iroquois on 6/8/1944 in Biscay)

V415 Gotland (Neubau 279, redesignated WBS10 – weather ship – and transferred)

V420 Alcyon (sunk by RAF air attack on 20/8/1943 in the Gironde estuary)

V421 Rauzan (sunk June 1944)

V422 Kergroise

V423 Keryado

V424 Carl H. Busch (redesignated WBS3 and transferred)

V432 (ex-KFK474, redesignated V1243 and transferred)

SG1, SG2, SG3, SG4.



5 Vorpostengruppe

Commissioned in September 1939 and disbanded on 22 May 1940 after service in western Baltic.

Wandrahm (Schiff 4) (later Vorpostenboot in Polar Sea)

Birka (Schiff 8) (later hospital ship)

Neuss (Schiff 15) (later used as torpedo battery)

Nerissa (Schiff 20) (later used as test ship)


6 Vorpostengruppe

Commissioned in September 1939, transferred to the North Sea and F and Führer der Sonderverbände (FdS) West command in January 1940. Disbanded on 22 May 1940 after service in the North Sea.

Jupiter (Schiff 1)

Möwe (Schiff 7) (Führerschiff)

Oldenburg (Schiff 35) (later used as Q-ship)

Schürbeck (Schiff 40) (laster Sperrbrecher)


6 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 1 January 1943 and disbanded in September 1944.

Served the Western French coast, based at Saint Nazaire.

V601 Dr. Heinrich Wiegand (Schiff 12)

V602 Richard C. Krogmann (sunk by mine in the Charente, 11/12/1943)

V603 Carsten

V604 Fritz Reiser

V605 Arthur Dunker (sunk by mine off La Pallice, 14/8/1944)

V606 Fladengrund (sunk off Belle Isle by British air raid, 26/4/1944)

V607 Düsseldorf (sunk by mine off Dieppe, 23/8/1940)

V620 Derfflinger

V621 Mars (sunk in attack by 15 Mosquitoes from 235 and 248 Squadrons near Belle Isle, 15/7/1944)

V622 Almuth (sunk by mine off Saint Nazaire, 8/4/1944)

V623 Jupiter (scuttled at Nantes, 11/8/1944)

V624 Köln (damaged in attack that sank V621)

V625 Johann Schulte

V626 Le Testerin

V627 Elise

V628 De Ruyter

V630 (ex-KFK537 redesignated V1244 and transferred)

V631 (ex-KFK 538 redesignated V1245 and transferred)

V632 (ex-KFK 405 redesignated V1225 and transferred))

V633 (ex-KFK 406, redesignated V1226 and transferred)

V634 (ex-KFK 407 redesignated V1228 and transferred))

V635 (ex-KFK 408 redesignated V1229 and transferred))

Flottenbegleiter ‘Königin Luise’ (ex F6)

SG1 (French)







7 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 22 September 1939 and disbanded in September 1944.

Based in Kiel before transfer to Brest.

V701 Este (sunk by mine 21/10/1939 in the Straits of Denmark)

V702 Memel (sunk by shellfire from Force 27: HMS Mauritius, HMS Ursa and HMCS Iroquois on

22/8/1944 off Audierne)

V703 Henry Fricke (grounded and wrecked on Alderney, 14/1/1943)

V704 Claus Wisch (damaged by mine off Trelleborg, Sweden, on 30/11/1939; beached and declared

constructive loss)

V704 Richard C. Krogmann (redesignated V602 and transferred)

V705 Carsten (redesignated V603 and transferred)

V705 Fritz Reiser (redesignated V706)

V706 Cartsen (redesignated V705)

V706 Fritz Reiser (redesignated V604 and transferred)

V707 Arthur Dunker (redesignated V605 and transferred)

V708 Fladengrund (redesignated V606 and transferred)

V709 Guido Möhring (torpedoed and sunk off Port Ley, Biscay, 18/4/1941)

V710 Düsseldorf (redesignated V607 and transferred)

V711 Senator Predöhl (redesignated V215 and transferred)

V712 Chemnitz (sunk by mine off Cherbourg, 20/1/1944)

V713 Leipzig (sunk by mine off Brest, 19/7/1944)

V714 Neubau 747

V715 Alfred I (sunk by shellfire from HMCS Qu’Appelle, HMCS Restigouche, HMCS Saskatchewan

and HMCS Skeena  in the Bay of Biscay, 7/7/1944)

V716 Alfred II

V717 Alfred III (sunk by shellfire from Force 27: HMS Mauritius, HMS Ursa and HMCS Iroquois on

22/8/1944 off Audierne)

V718 Neubau 283

V719 Neubau 240

V720 Neubau 307 (sunk by shellfire from Force 27: HMS Mauritius, HMS Ursa and HMCS Iroquois on

22/8/1944 off Audierne)

V721 Neubau 308 (hit by shellfire from HMS Albrighton, HMCS Assiniboine, HMCS Qu’Appelle,

HMCS Restigouche and HMCS Skeena on 6/7/1944. Beached at Penmarc’h)

V722 Pilote XIII (sunk by mine on 15/3/1944 near Brest)

V723 Jeanne Marie (sunk by shellfire near Brest, 13/8/1944)

V724 St. Dominique (sunk by mine near Brest, 4/6/1944)

V725 Petit Poilu (bombed and sunk at Pauillac, Gironde, on 5/8/1944)

V726 Antifer (redesignated UJ1426 and transferred)

V727 Goeland (scuttled at Saint Malo, 14/8/1944)

V728 Vierge de Nassabielle

V729 Marie Simone (sunk by shellfire from Force 27: HMS Mauritius, HMS Ursa and HMCS Iroquois

on 22/8/1944 off Audierne)

V730 Michel François (sunk by shellfire from Force 27: HMS Mauritius, HMS Ursa and HMCS

Iroquois on 22/8/1944 off Audierne)

Eight harbour defence vessels (confiscated French craft) were attached to the flotilla from 2 May 1942.



8 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in September 1939 and disbanded in 1945.

Saw service  in the North Sea, ending the war as convoy protection between the Elbe and Rotterdam. Headquartered at Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven.Upon the disbandment of 13 V-flotilla in March 1945, that unit’s last three ships joined the 8th.

V801 Bayern (sunk by mine in the Wadden Sea off Ameland, 9/6/1940)

V801 Max Gundelach (sunk west of Terschelling by Royal Navy MTB on 25/7/1943)

V801 Stoomloodsvartuig 17.

V802 Sagitta

V803 Stuttgart (redesignated V806)

V803 Wiesbaden (sunk in an air raid on 15 August 1944)

V804 Spica (temporarily renamed V214 and transferred before returning)

V805 Skolpenbank (sunk by mine east of Schiermonnikoog on 17/10/1939)

V805 Island (sunk by a mine off Terschelling, 20/7/1943)

V805 MFL 8

V806 Seefahrt ((redesignated V2019, renamed ‘Adolf Hitler’ and transferred)

V806 Stuttgart

V807 Auguste Kämpf (torpedoed by Beaufighters of 143, 236 and 254 Squadrons on 29/4/1943)

V807 Island (redesignated V805)

V807 Neubau 427 (MFL 1)

V808 Reichspräsident von Hindenburg (sunk by air raid on 2/5/1941 near Borkum)

V808 Ehrensburger

V809 Konsul Dubbers

V810 Falkland (sunk by torpedo bombers on 22/7/1944 between the Ems and Elbe estuaries)

V811 Hugo Homann (sunk by mine on 6/5/1940 in the Ems estuary)

V811 Claus Ebeling (redisgnated M1306, UJ1711, Vs907, Vs1450, V6504 and transferred repeatedly)

V812 Amtsgerichsrat Pitschke (sunk by Allied air raid on 22/7/1944)

V813 Otto Krogmann

V814 Gotland

Temporarily attached: trawler Peemt, steamers Schiewenhorst and Simon von Utrecht.


9 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned with nine trawlers on 27 September 1939, disbanded on 23 April 1945.

Served in the western Baltic, Kattegatt and Skagerakk before moving east, headquartered at Aalborg.


V901 Senator Sprecher (redesignated Vs910)

V902 Senator Sachse (redesignated Vs902)

V903 Mainz (redesignated Vs903)

V904 Else Wilhelms (redesignated Vs904)

V905 Karl Bergh (redesignated Vs905)

V906 Schwalbe (redesignated Vs906)

V907 Spessart

V908 Claus Ebeling (redesignated V811 and transferred, returned as Vs907 before transferring


V909 Flensburg (redesignated Vs908)

V910 (ex-KFK 185)

V911 (ex-KFK 186)

V912 (ex-KFK 187)

V913 (ex-KFK 188)

V914 (ex-KFK 232)

V915 (ex-KFK233)

V916 (ex-KFK 252)

V917 (ex-KFK253)

Temporarily attached: trawlers Forst, Senator Heidmann and Hildebrand (14th Sich Fl); Odin and Osterreich (3 Sich Fl) and UZ-Boote Kiel, Herta and Agnethe.


10 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in Wesermünde in September 1939 using small coastal vessels before those craft were discharged and replaced with larger herring boats. It was renamed 10 Sicherungsflottille on 1 October 1943. Served in the North Sea, Baltic and Danish Kattegat, Belt and Sound.

V1001 Thüringen (discharged from service)

V1001 Stettin

V1002 Tilly (discharged from service)

V1002 Heinrich Kappelhof

V1003 Welle (discharged from service)

V1003 Hanna

V1004 Johanna (discharged from service)

V1004 Anna

V1005 Cremona (discharged from service)

V1005 Amalie

V1006 Hayo (discharged from service)

V1006 Elfriede

V1007 Käthe (discharged from service)

V1007 Gesine

V1008 Walküre (discharged from service)

V1008 Marie

V1009 Gertrud (discharged from service)

V1009 Cornelia

V1010 Allegro (discharged from service)

V1010 Martha

V1011 Altair (discharged from service)

V1011 Adeline

V1012 Anna Marie (discharged from service)

V1012 Erika

V1013 Herinrich Brons

V1014 Richard Ohlrogge  (sunk by a mine in the Great Belt 20/7/1943)

V1014 Kiel


11 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in September 1939 from eight tawlers. Additional newly built ships were added before the remains of 2. Flakjäger-Flottille were also added.

V1101 Preußen (sunk off Langeoog by RAF 254 Squadron Beaufighters on 13/8/1944)

V1102 Neubau 661 (redesignated M 3205 and transferred)

V1102 Gleiwitz (driven ashore and wrecked at Hanstholm on 30/1/1943)

V1102 Lützow

V1103 Nordkap (sunk by mine off Ameland, 29/5/1942)

V1103 Reemt

V1104 Ernst von Briesen (redesignated V1106)

V1104 Weißenfels (redesignated V1107)

V1105 Ernst Gröschel (sunk by mine 26/1/1943 off Terschelling)

V1105 Jochen Homann (Neubau 658)

V1106 Portland (redesignated V1107)

V1106 Heinrich Bueren (redesignated V207 and transferred)

V1106 Ernst von Briesen (sunk by Coastal Command Beaufighters on 18/5/1943 off Borkum)

V1106 Neufundland (sunk by mine near Cuxhaven on 12/2/1945)

V1107 Portland (torpedoed and sunk by HMS Snapper south of Stavanger, 25/6/1940)

V1107 Weißenfels (sunk by mine near Cuxhaven 14/2/1945)

V1107 Mähren (redesignated V1109)

V1107 Johs. Klatte

V1108 Arctur (sunk by aerial torpedo off Texel, 2/8/1943)

V1109 Antares (sunk by mine off Haugesynd on 29/5/1940)

V1109 Mähren (sunk by RAF air raid off Den Helder 13/6/1943)

V1110 Hermann Hinrichs (sunk by Coastal Command Beaufighters off Vlieland, 17/5/1943)

V1111 Christian Wendig (ex-Russian, captured)

V1112 Neubau 590 (Mfl.7)

V1113 Neubau 591 (Mfl.7)

V1114 Neubau 484 (Mfl.10) (bombed and sunk in the German Bight by the RAF, 26/4/1945)

V1115 Neubau 485 (Mfl.11)

Added to flotilla:

Flakjäger 21 Wiking VIII

Flakjäger 22 Wiking X

Flakjäger 23 Wiking IX

Flakjäger 24 Wiking V


12 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 26 September 1939 in Wesermünde from eight fishing boats. It was disbanded in December 1947.The flotilla served within the North Sea, operating from Cuxhaven, Esbjerg, Wesermünde, Borkum, Norderney, Hörnum, Tönning and Terschelling. At the war’s end the remaining ships of the flotilla were assigned to the Deutschen Minenräumdienst (GM/SA) and attached to the 6. Minenräumdivision in Wesermünde operating under American control.

V1201 Düneck (redesignated V1205)

V1201 Juno (disabled by mine west of Heligoland and then sunk by Mosquitoes on 17/9/1944)

V1201 De Mok I

V1202 Friedrich Suthmeier (redesignated V1212)

V1202 Angelina (Alita III???)

V1203 Annemarie (redesignated HS 3 and transferred)

V1203 G. F. Zimmermenn (redesignated Vs 1501 and transferred)

V1203 Susanne

V1204 Arnim (transferred to 27 L-Fl)

V1204 C. H. Metger (redesignated Vs 1502 and transferred)

V1204 Christiane Cécile

V1204 Emil

V1204 Senator Lattmann

V1205 Düneck

V1205 Germania (transferred to 21. L-Fl)

V1205 Ravensburg

V1206 Maria Lina (redesignated V1210)

V1206 Ministerialdirektor Streil

V1207 Leo Fürbringer (redesignated Vs 1505)

V1207 P. von Rensen (bombed and sunk off Heligoland ay Allied aircraft 17/4/1945)

V1207 Meta Osterwisch

V1207 Lina

V1208 Elternsegen

V1208 Heinrich Kappelhoff (redesignated M 1804 and transferred)

V1209 Jacobus

V1209 H. Bramfeldt (redesignated Vs 1503 and transferred)

V1210 Maria Lina

V1210 D. Dreesmann Penning (redesignated Vs1504 and transferred)

V1211 Meta Osterwisch (redesignated V1207)

V1211 Leo Fürbinger

V1211 Jacobus

V1212 Friedrich Suthmeier (sunk south of Heligoland, 17/9/1944)

V1212 L. Ruyl (redesignated Vs 1506 and transferred)

V1213 Fro (ex-M1408)

V1213 Anna (redesignated and transferred several times: V1209, V1004, V1212, V1004)

V1214 Joannes Georgius (sunk by mine off Sylt on 27/9/1944)

V1214 Saint Joachim

V1215 Henny

V1216 Marie

V1217 Frida


V1219 KfK 236

V1220 KfK237

V1221 KfK 243

V1222 KfK 244

V1223 KfK 245

V1224 Willy

V1224 KfK 246

V1225 KfK 405

V1226 KfK 406

V1227 KfK 249 (sunk in storm near Gradyb on 19/11/1943)

V1227 KfK 526

V1228 KfK 407

V1229 KfK 408

V1230 KfK 272

V1231 Toni

V1232 Elise

V1233 Vooruit (sunk by British aircraft NNw of Borkum, 18/4/1944)

V1234 Koningin Emma

V1235 Columbus (redesignated Vs 1511 and transferred)

V1236 Flevo III (sunk by storm or perhaps mine, 11/7/1942)

V1236 Augusta (sunk by British aircraft in Hubertgat, 18/4/1944

V1237 Notre Dame de Dunes (sunk by British aircraft in Hubertgat, 18/4/1944)

V1238 Voorloper

V1239 Vooran

V1240 Therese

V1241 Stangenwalde (sunk off Terschelling Netherlands in a battle with HMMGB 605, HMMGB 606,

HMMGB 610, HMMGB 612, HMMTB 624, HMMTB 630 and HMMTB 632 on 1/5/1943).

V1242 Marie Henriette

V1243 Aurora (ex-Hohenstein)

V1244 Oster Till (sunk 29/4/1945 at Wilhelmshaven)

V1244 Mewa III

V1244 KfK 537

V1245 Mewa IV (sunk at Terneuzen 12/9/1944)

V1245 KfK 538

V1246 Mewa V (redesignated V1266)

V1247 Mewa VI

V1248 Mewa VII (redesignated V1268)

V1249 Mewa VIII (sunk by mine off Borkum, 24/2/1943)

V1250 Mewa IX (sunk in Allied air raid on Wesermünde on 2/6/1944)

V1251 Mewa X (redesignated Vs 1513 and transferred)

V1251 Mewa XVI

V1252 Mewa XV (collided with FlJ 27 Schiewenhorst and sank off Terschelling on 4/4/1943).

V1253 Essen

V1254 Hermann Garrels (sunk by RN MTB off Terschelling, 5/7/1944)

V1255 Ernst Hecht (ran aground and was wrecked on 4/1/1945)

V1256 Heinrich Onnen (sunk by an Allied aircraft off Terschelling on 5/7/1945).

V1256 KfK 617

V1257 KfK 618

V1258 KfK 619

V1259 KfK 620

V1260 Gebroeders (ex-M3114 then M3136)

V1261 Vooruit (ex M3134 then M3137)

V1262 Verwachting (sunk 1944)

V1263 KfK 359

V1264 KfK 360

V1265 Dr. Eichelbaum


V1266 Mewa V

V1267 KfK 391

V1268 KfK 392

V1269 KfK 393 (sunk by mine west of Esbjerg, 27/8/1944)

V1270 KfK 294






13 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in September 1939 and disbanded in January 1945.

Served in the North Sea and then The Netherlands and Belgium. Upon disbandment the surviving ships transferred to 8, 14 and 20 Vp Flotillas.

V1300 Stoomloodsvartuig 17 (redesignated V801 and transferred)

V1301 Uranus (redesignated V2001 and transferred)

V1302 John Mahn (bombed and sunk by the RAF in the English Channel, 12/2/1942)

V1302 Alexander Becker (redesignated V2020 and transferred)

V1303 Freiburg (sunk by MTBs of 4th MYB Flotilla off Den Helder, 9/10/1944)

V1304 Eisenach (sunk by HMMTB 224, HMMTB 225, HMMTB 232, HMMTB 234, HMMTB 241 and

HMMTB 244 off Ijmuiden on 6/3/1944)

V1305 Wuppertal (redesignated WBS1)

V1306 Otto Krogmann (redesignated V813 and transferred)

V1307 Stettin (sunk after striking sunken wreck of Heise off Ijmuiden, 24/1/1944)

V1308 Bredenbeck (sunk by HMMTB 434 and others of 54th MTB Flotilla in the North Sea, 9/7/1944)

V1309 Kapitän Stemmer (sunk after colliding with V811 Hugo Homann off Hoek van Holland,


V1310 Deister (redesignated V1401 and transferred)

V1310 Neubau 279 Gotland (redesignated V814 and transferred)

V1311 Döse (torpedoed and sunk by RN MTBs off Hoek van Holland, 11/5/1944)

V1312 Hermann Siebert (redesignated V1402 and transferred)

V1313 Eifel (redesignated V313 and transferred)

V1313 Präsident Mutzenbecher (redesignated Wachschiff 4 then V1924 and transferred)

V1314 Gustav Hugo Deiters (sunk by HMMTB 666, HMMTB 681, HMMTB 683, HMMTB 684, HMMTB

687 and HMMTB 723 near Egmond, 9/6/1944)

V1315 Karlsburg (redesignated V2003 and transferred)

V1316 Emil Colsmann (redesignated V2022 and transferred)

V1317 Wilhelm Michaelsen (redesignated V2005 and transferred)

V1318 Hans Pickenpack (sunk by mine off Vlieland, 27/2/1943)

V1330 Cyclop (redesignated V1408 and transferred)

V1331 Limburgia (redesignated V1409 and transferred)

V1332 Norma Maria (redesignated V1410 and transferred)

V1333 Zeemeeuw (redesignated V1411 and transferred)

V1334 Witte Zee (redesignated V1412 and transferred)

V1335 Adelante (redesignated V1413 and transferred)

V1336 J. S. Groen (redesignated V1414 and transferred)

V1337 Irene (redesignated V1415 and transferred)

V1337 Victoire (redesignated V1419 and transferred)

V1338 Azimuth (redesignated V1416 and transferred)

V1339 Stoomloodsvartuig 12 (redesignated V1417 and transferred)

V1340 Delft (bombed and sunk at Noordwijk, 17/11/1943)

V1341 (redesignated V1418 and transferred)


14 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 1 February 1943 in Rotterdam initially with captured trawlers, later replaced by German ones, and disbanded in 1945 at the capitulation.

Served as convoy escort along the Dutch coast.

Initial flotilla components (not provided with ship numbers):

Deltra II, Etoile de l’Est, Antoinette, Emmanuella (redesignated UJ 1423 and transferred), Jean Pierre Robert, Louise Marguerite, Eduoard Gougy, Suzanne et Marie, Notre Dame de Laghet, Alcyon u. Banderole (redesignated UJ 1425 and transferred).


Replacement vessels:

V1401 Lindormen (redesignated V1601 and transferred)
V1401 Deister (sunk by boiler explosion off Ijmuiden 26/4/1944)

V1402 Hermann Siebert

V1403 Simone Marie

V1404 Christiane Cécile

V1405 Ritzebüttel (sunk by mine off in the Broad Fourteens, Westkapelle, 25/2/1943)

V1406 Frankfurt

V1407 Kurland

V1408 Aue (torpedoed by Beaufighter aircraft off Ijmuiden, 29/4/1943)

V1408 Cyclop

V1409 Limburgia (torpedoed and sunk by HMMGB 38 and HMMGB 39 in Seine Bay, 18/4/1943)

V1410 Nora Maria

V1411 Zeemeeuw (sunk off Ijmuiden, 4/5/1944)

V1412 Witte Zee (sunk after battle with HMMTB 455, HMMTB 457, HMMTB 458, HMMTB 467,

HMMTB 468, HMMTB 469 and HMMTB 470, 14/7/1944)

V1413 Adelante

V1414 J. S. Groen

V1415 Irene

V1416 Azimuth (sunk by USAAF B26 Marauders at Ijmuiden, 26/3/1944)

V1417 Stoomloodsvartuig 11 (sunk by British aircraft off Terschelling, 17/1/1945)

V1418 Frans Naerebout

V1419 Victoire

V1420 Saint Joachim (redesignated V1214 and transferred)


15 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 26 September 1939 and disbanded at the capitulation in 1945.

Serving initially in the North Sea before transfer to Le Havre. After the D-Day landings most ships were lost, the remainder moving to Norway, based at Kristiansand Süd.

V1501 Wiking 7 (sunk twice: once by mine near Frederikshaven, on 7/8/1940, refloated and

repaired; second time by torpedoes from HMMGB 108, HMMGB 117 and HMMGB 118

off Cap d’Antifer, 27/9/1943)

V1502 Wiking 6

V1503 Wiking 10

V1505 Wiking 8 (ex V1504 and V1502)

V1505 Wal 8 (ex-whaler, bombed and sunk at Le Havre, 15/6/1944)

V1506 Wal 9 (bombed and sunk at Le Havre, 15/6/1944)

V1507 Wiking 6 (redesignated V1502)

V1507 Rau VI (sunk by torpedo from HMS Triton in the Kattegat, 10/4/1940)

V1507 Rau I (sunk by mine off Cap d’Antifer 12/6/1944)

V1508 Rau III (sunk west of the Somme estuary near Boulogne by torpedo from MTB, 23/7/1941)

V1509 Rau II (sunk in combat in English Channel, 5/6/1944)

V1510 Unitas 6 (sunk after striking sunken wreck off Dieppe, 2/6/1944)

V1511 Unitas 7 (sunk in air raid at Le Havre, 14/6/1944)

V1512 Unitas 8

V1513 Linz (redesignated V1814 and transferred)

V1514 Beuthen (sunk by mine off Dieppe, 25/11/1942)

V1515 Rotherbaum (sunk three times: bombed and sunk at Le Havre on 1/2/1942, raised and

repaired; again on 16/9/1942, raised and repaired; sunk by HMS Seymour  on 25/8/1944)

V1516 Rouen x L’Orientaise (redesignated M 3853 and transferred)

V1517 Gironde I x Kerdonis II (redesignated M 3854 and transferred)

V1520 Loodsboot 6 (redesignated V1815 and transferred)

V1521 Vimy (redesignated M 3855 and transferred)

V1522 Dauphin (redesignated V1816 and transferred)

V1523 Deltra I (sunk 1944)

V1524 Patrice (redesignated M 3856 and transferred)

V1525 Eglantine (redesignated V1817 and transferred)

V1530 KfK 281 (redesignated V5539 and transferred)

V1531 KfK 282 (sunk by MGB 27/6/1944)

V1532 KfK 283 (redesignated V5541 and transferred)

V1533 KfK 284 (redesignated V5542 and transferred)

V1534 KfK 285 (redesignated V5543 and transferred)

V1535 KfK 286 (redesignated V5544 and transferred)

V1536 KfK 287 (redesignated V5545 and transferred)

V1537 KfK 288 (sunk in air raid on Le Havre, 15/6/1944)

V1538 KfK 289

V1539 KfK 290 (grounded and sunk 14/5/1944)

V1540 KfK 295 (bombed and sunk at Le Havre 15/6/1944)

V1541 KfK 296 (bombed and sunk at Le Havre, 15/6/1944)

V1548 Neubau Gebrüder Kähler

V1549 Neubau 437 Rotersand (redesignated WBS 7 Berlebek and transferred)

V1549 Hoheweg (never saw service)

The unit also operated these flower-class corvettes captured whilst under construction in France.

PA 1 (bombed and sunk by RAF aircraft, Lea Havre, 15/6/1944)

PA 2 (bombed and sunk by RAF aircraft, Lea Havre, 15/6/1944)

PA 3 (bombed and sunk by RAF aircraft, Lea Havre, 15/6/1944)

PA 4 (scuttled as blockship at Nantes, August 1944)


16 Vorpostengruppe

Commissioned in July 1940, redesignated 16 Vorpostenflottille on 20 September 1940.

Koblenz (Schiff 9) (sunk by mine off Bergen, 11/4/1940)

Alteland (Schiff 18)

Schleswig (Schiff 37)


16 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 20 September 1940 from French and German trawlers and finally disbanded in July 1945.

V1601 Skorpion (redesignated Night Fighter Control ship Skagerrak, then depot ship Vs61 and


V1601 Lindormen

V1601 Tormilind

V1602 La Provence (sunk by mine in the Skaggerak, 5/2/1943)

V1603 Termidor (redesignated V1711 and transferred)

V1604 Natter (redesignated V1710 and transferred)

V1605 Alma II (redesignated V1914 and transferred)

V1605 Mosel (bombed and sunk by RCAF Beaufighters, 404 Squadron, off Justøy 15/10/1944)

V1606 Girolou (redesignated V1915 and transferred)

V1606 Julius Fock (sunk by Soviet aircraft off Steinort, 7/12/1944)

V1607 Nord Caper

V1608 Sülldorf (sunk by RAF 235 and 248 Beaufighters and RCAF 404 Squadron Mosquitoes off

Kristiansand, 14/9/1944)

V1609 Othmarschen (redesignated V5917 and transferred)

V1610 Innsbruck (sunk by RAF 235 and 248 Squadron Mosquitoes in the Kattegat on 7/3/1945)

V1611 Forst

V1612 Gotha (sunk in the Kattegat by 235 and 248 Squadron Mosquitoes on 7/3/1945)

V1613 Jane (redesignated V6508 and transferred)

V1613 Riebo

V1614 Tormilind (redesignated Vs 909 and transferred)

V1614 Neerlandia

V1615 Tietie

V1616 Pirola

V1617 Jaweg

V1620 Mfk. Kol 15

V1621 Mfk. 29

V1622 Mfk. Pil 29

V1623 Mfk. Pil 76



17 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in June 1940 from German wahling boats and disbanded in 1945.

Based in the Baltic, between 1942 and 1944 tasked with monitoring the minefields in the Gulf of Finland.

V1701 Unitas 2 (bombed and sunk by Soviet aircraft in Narva Bay, 8/5/1944)

V1701 Bahrenfeld

V1702 Unitas 3 (sunk after collision with U987 in the Baltic, 17/2/1944)

V1703 Unitas 4

V1704 Unitas 5

V1705 Rau XI

V1706 Rau XII

V1707 Wiking 4 (sunk by Soviet aircraft off Kotka, 16/7/1944)

V1708 Süd III (redesignated U-boat defence training vessel and transferred)

V1709 Wal 1

V1710 Natter (redesignated UJ 1121 and transferred)

V1711 Termidor (redesignated UJ 1120 and transferred)

V1715 Mfk. Kol 15 (redesignated V1620 and transferred)

V1716 Mfk. 29 (redesignated V1621 and transferred)

V1717 Mfk. Pil 29 (redesignated V1622 and transferred)

V1718 Mfk. Pil 76 (redesignated V1623 and transferred)


18 Vorpostengruppe

Commissioned in July 1940 and redesignated 18 Vorpostenflottille on 3 October 1940.

Wega (Schiff 7)

Julius Pickenpack (Schiff 26)

Wilhelm Huth (Schiff 47)


18 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 3 October 1940 and disbanded in 1945.

Served within the English Channel until D-Day whereupon the trawlers were sent to southern Norway as convoy protection. The remaining ships were redistributed amongst 32 MS Fl, 12 Vp Fl and 6 Sich. Fl.

V1801 Lutteur (sunk in December 1941 when named O22, Salvaged and repaired and sunk a second

time in an Allied air raid on Kiel, 12/4/1944. Raised and repaired once more and survived the


V1801 Wandrahm (redesignated V6114 and transferred)

V1802 Orient (sunk by Soviet aircraft off Memel, 11/11/1944)

V1803 Le Havre de Grace

V1803 Glettkau

V1804 Excellent

V1805 Senateur Louis Brindeau (sunk in an Allied air raid on Le Havre, 15/6/1944)

V1806 Surmulet

V1807 Wagram (sunk by mine 14/8/1942)

V1808 Dortmund (sunk by mine in the Broad Fourteens off Den Hoofden, 23/5/1942)

V1809 Henry P. Newman

V1810 Condor (sunk by bombing off Boulogne, 2/6/1944)

V1811 Sylt

V1812 Halle

V1813 Thorn

V1814 Linz (sunk by Allied bombing in Boulogne, 16/6/1944)

V1815 Loodsboot 6 (sunk by Allied bombing in Boulogne, 16/6/1944)

V1816 Dauphine/Baltrum

V1817 Eglantine


19 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in July 1940, redesignated 5 Sicherungsflotille on 1 October 1943.

Served in Danish waters, based at Aarhus.

V1901 Richard Ohlrogge (redesignated V1014 and transferred)

V1901 Präsident Mutzenbecher (redesignated V1924)

V1902 Amsel (redesignated Vs 502 and transferred)

V1903 Fink (redesignated Vs 503 and transferred)

V1904 Stieglitz (redesignated Vs 504 and transferred)

V1905 Iltis (redesignated Vs 505 and transferred)

V1906 Gunther (redesignated Vs 506 and transferred)

V1907 Emden (redesignated Vs 507 and transferred)

V1908 Kranich (redesignated Vs 508 and transferred)

V1909 Brunhilde (redesignated Vs 509 and transferred)

V1910 Wellgunde (redesignated Vs 510 and transferred)

V1911 Johann Georg (redesignated Vs 511 and transferred)

V1912 Fortuna (redesignated Vs 512 and transferred)

V1913 Leer (redesignated Vs 513 and transferred)

V1901 Präsident Mutzenbecher (redesignated V1901)

V1914 Alma II (redesignated Vs 514 and transferred)

V1915 Girolou (redesignated Vs 515 and transferred)

V1916 Weser I (sunk by mine in Oslofjord, 20/6/1942)

V1916 Tormilind (redesignated V1601 and transferred)

V1921 Habicht (redesignated Vs 516 and transferred)

V1922 Nürnberg (redesignated Vs 517 and transferred)

V1923 Ostpreußen (redesignated Vs 518 and transferred)

V1924 Präsident Mutzenbecher (redesignated Vs 519 and transferred)

V1925 Unitas 9 (redesignated Vs 520 and transferred)

V1926 Ernst Schweckendieck (redesignated Vs 521 and transferred)

V1927 Johann Wessels (redesignated Vs 522 and transferred)


20 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in July 1940 and renamed 20 Minensuchflotille after the end of the war.

V2001 Vogtland (redesignated V2018)

V2001 Pastor Pype (wrecked in the Wadden Sea, 5/5/1942)

V2001 Uranus (sunk by Soviet aircraft in the Baltic, 2/5/1945)

V2002 Madeleine Louise (bombed and sunk off Terschelling by RAF 407 Squadron Hudson aircraft,


V2002 Nordlicht

V2003 Pilote 7 (sunk by torpedo off Terschelling from RN MTB 1/10/1942)

V2003 Karlsburg (sunk at Swinemünde pier 12/3/1945)

V2004 Pilote 12 (sunk off Terschelling by MTB torpedo 2/6/1944)

V2005 Simone Marie (redesignated V1403 and transferred)

V2005 Wilhelm Michaelsen

V2006 Christine Cécile (redesignated V1404 and transferred)

V2007 Hannover

V2008 Ritzebüttel (redesignated V1405 and transferred)

V2009 Niedersachsen (sunk in the Scheldt by RN MTBs, 25/8/1944)

V2010 Frankfurt (redesignated V1406 and transferred)

V2011 Borkum

V2012 Kurland (redesignated V1407 and transferred)

V2013 Neubau 563 Ekwator

V2014 Neubau 564 Karel

V2015 Neubau 228

V2016 Neubau 229 (sunk by RN MTBs in the North Sea 16/10/1944)

V2017 Mfk. B 378

V2018 Vogtland (damaged by mine off Terschelling, 28/3/1943. Taken in tow by V801, struck

second mine and sank 29/3/1943)

V2019 Seefahrt (renamed ‘Adolf Hitler’, bombed and severely damaged in the Scheldte, and

Beached 28/6/1943)

V2020 Alexander Becker (torpedoed and sunk by RN MTBs off Egmond aan Zee, 10/6/1944)

V2021 Nürnberg (sunk by HMMTB 666, HMMTB 681, HMMTB 683, HMMTB 684, HMMTB 687 and

HMMTB 723 off Den Helder, 9/6/1944).[

V2022 Emil Colsmann (torpedoed and sunk by Soviet submarine L21 in the Kattegat, 23/3/1945)

V2023 Karlsburg  (sunk in USAAF air raid on Swinemünde, 12/3/1945)


51 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in Bergen 23 December 1940 and disbanded in June 1945.

V5101 Donner (redesignated V5102, 1/1/1941)

V5101 Tornado (redesignated V5105, 5/1942)

V5101 Blitz (sunk by RAF aircraft torpedo in Nordfjord, 12/12/1944)

V5102 Donner (shelled and sunk in the Skaggerak by HMS Onslow and Oribi, 27/12/1942)

V5102 Blitz (redesignated V5101, 5/1942)

V5102 Orkan

V5103 Taifun (collided with Norwegian coaster Fjæra and sank, 9/8/1942)

V5103 Riese

V5104 Orkan (redesignated V5102, 5/1942)

V5104 Wirbel (redesignated V5105,1/1/41, returned 5/1942)

V5105 Tornado (damaged 12/9/1944 by air attack, beached but later repaired)

V5106 Sturm I (ex-Norwegian Aalsunde collided with Carl Rehder and sank at Sognesjøen,


V5106 Sturm II (ex-Hareidingen sunk 11/2/1944)

V5106 Taifun (redesignated V5103, 5/1942 )

V5106 Sindbad

V5107 Sturm II (redesignated V5106, 5/1942)

V5107 Kormoran

V5107 Karmöy (sunk by aircraft from HMS Invincible, 20/11/1944)

V5108 Föhn (shelled and sunk in the Skaggerak near Maalöy by HMS Oribi, 27/12/1941)

V5108 Kiebitz

V5109 Kranich (redesignated V6729 and transferred)

V5109 Eber

V5110 Marabu

V5110 Elch

V5111 Odin

V5112 Tiu

V5113 Donar

V5114 Baldur

V5115 Frija

V5116 Unitas 1


53 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned on 23 December 1940 from Norwegian whaling boats. Disbanded in June 1945.

V5301 Flamingo (redesignated V5305, 1/1/41)

V5301 Reiher (redesignated V5518 and transferred)

V5301 Seeteufel

V5302 Reiher (redsignated V5301, 1/1/41)

V5302 Kranich (redesignated V5109 and transferred)

V5302 Seelöwe

V5303 Kranich (redesignated V5302, 1/1/41)

V5303 Marabu

V5303 Sturmvogel

V5303 Seebär

V5304 Kormoran (redesignated V5307)

V5304 Kiebetz (redesignated V5108 and transferred)

V5304 Seehund (sunk at Lervik, Østfold, by RAF 143 Squadron Mosquitoes, 15/1/1945)

V5305 Flamingo (redesignated V5516 and transferred)

V5305 Schnepfe (redesignated V5308)

V5305 Jäger

V5306 Brachvogel (ex-Jim, redesignated V5308, 7/6/1941) ‡

V5306 Marabu (redesignated V5303, 1/1/41)

V5306 Schütze

V5307 Kormoran (redesignated V5107 and transferred)

V5307 Felix Scheder (bombed and sunk in the Norwegian Sea by RAF 827 Squadron Barracudas

in Åramsundet, 12/9/1944)

V5308 Brachvogel (ex-Jim)

V5308 O. B. Rogge

V5309 Seerobbe (grounded during air attack, 12/9/1944 but later repaired)

V5310 Seewolf

V5311 Seeotter (sunk by mine off Gejta, Norway, 5/7/1945)

V5312 Brachvogel (ex-Pol VII)

V5313 Star XXIII


55 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in December 1940 from Norwegian vessels and disbanded in June 1945.

Based in Floorvag, the KfKs were transferred to Kiel after the end of the war to undertake minesweeping.

V5501 Bussard (redesignated and transferred 1/1/1941)

V5501 Zick (redesignated V5506, 1/6/1944)

V5501 Ratte

V5502 Sperber (redesignated 21/4/1941)

V5502 M253 (redesignated 20/5/1942)

V5502 Zack (redesignated 1/6/1944)

V5502 Biber (sunk in Hjeltefjorden by Beaufighter and Mosquito aircraft of the Banff Strike Wing,


V5502 Snøgg (ran aground on the Norwegian coast near Bergen on 1/9/1943, sank 6/9/1943 during

salvage attempts.

V5502 KfK 119

V5503 Habicht (redesignated 1/1/1941)

V5503 Zick (ex torpedo boat HMNoS Trygg, redesignated V5501, 20/5/1942)

V5503 Otter

V5504 Zack (redesignated 20/5/1942)

V5504 Sperber (redesignated 1/6/1944)

V5504 Marder

V5505 Adler (redesignated NS 29 and transferred, 1/1/1941. Returned as V5520, 1/6/1944)

V5505 Seeteufel (redesignated 15/5/1941)

V5505 Wiesel

V5506 Rabe (redesignated 15/5/1941)

V5506 Felix Scheder (redesignated 4/1942)

V5506 S12 (redesignated 1/6/1944)

V5506 Zick (sunk by 21 Mosquitoes from 235 and 248 Squadrons near Bergen, 23/10/1944)

V5506 KfK 332

V5507 Krähe (redesignated 6/6/1941)

V5507 O. B. Rogge (redesignated 3/1942)

V5507 S10 (redesignated (5/1944)

V5507 Bisam

V5508 Elster (redesignated 4/7/1941)

V5508 Seelöwe (redesignated V5302 and transferred)

V5508 S11 (redesignated 5/1944)

V5508 Frettchen

V5509 S14 (redesignated 5/1944)

V5509 Murmel

V5510 S15 (redesignated V5511, 5/1942)

V5510 S13 (redesignated 5/1944)

V5510 Marabau

V5511 S16 (redesignated V5512, 3/1942)

V5511 S15 (redesignated 5/1944)

V5511 Moskito

V5512 S16 (redesignated 5/1944)

V5512 Grenadier

V5513 Libelle

V5514 Hornisse (sunk 30/11/1944 while on anti-MTB patrol near Aaskooven)

V5515 Ulan

V5516 Flamingo

V5517 Natter

V5518 Reiher

V5519 Tarantel

V5520 Adler

V5521 KfK 144

V5522 Kfk 145

V5523 Kfk 146

V5524 Kfk 147

V5525 Kfk 235 (sunk in Sognefjord by HNoMS MTB 709 and MTB 712, 2/11/1944).

V5526 KfK 332

V5527 KfK 218 (sunk 30/11/1944 near Askooven)

V5528 KfK 219

V5529 KfK 220

V5530 KfK 189

V5531 KfK 190 (sunk in Sognefjord by HNoMS MTB709 and MTB-712, 2/11/1943).

V5532 KfK 191 (sunk 29/3/1945)

V5533 KfK 627 (transferred to 31 MS Fl)

V5534 KfK 628

V5535 KfK 629

V5536 KfK 630

V5537 KfK 631

V5538 KfK 281

V5539 KfK 282

V5540 KfK 283

V5541 KfK 284

V5542 KfK 285

V5543 KfK 286

V5544 KfK 287

V5545 KfK

Temporarily attached to flotilla: Minenräumschiff 25, Bali and Paris and U-Jäger Nogat, Pregel, Warthe and Spree.


57 Vorpostenflottille

Commissioned in June 1940 as 6. Küstensicherungsflottille, redesignated 57 Vorpostenflottille in November 1940. Disbanded in June 1945.

V5701 Thüringen

V5702 Eupen (redesignated V5706, 11/1940)

V5702 Grane

V5703 Elsass (redesignated V5705, 11/1940)

V5703 Lothringen

V5704 Warthegau

V5705 Elsaß (sunk by mine off Bodø, 27/9/1943)

V5706 Ostmark (ran aground and sank on 16 June 1941 near Vagsoy)

V5707 Südwind

V5711 Steiermark

V5712 Kärnten

V5713 Sudetenland

V5714 Tirol

V5715 Skaggerak

V5716 Flandern

V5717 Fritz Homann

V5718 Coburg (sunk on 18 November 1943)

V5719 Markomanne

V5720 Normanne

V5721 Turinge

V5722 Hornack (sunk at Rørvik, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway by Allied aircraft on 26 October 1944)

V5723 Möwe


59 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in February 1941. Disbanded in June 1945.Stationed in Sandnessjöen and engaged in coastal escort and patrol on the Norwegian coast.

V5901 Falkland (redesignated UJ1231 and transferred)

V5901 Bussard

V5902 Polarsonne

V5903 Elster

V5903 Polarfront

V5904 Sperber (redesignated V5905)

V5904 Polarsonne (redesignated V5902)

V5904 Polarnacht

V5905 Habicht (redesignated V5906)

V5905 Nordriff (ran aground and wrecked near Lopphavet on 29 December 1942)

V5905 Varanger

V5906 Krähe

V5906 Habicht

V5906 Nordpol

V5907 Geier (sunk by HMS Ashanti off LOfoten Islands, 26 December 1941)

V5907 Celle

V5907 Südwind (redesignated UJ1232 nd transferred  in January 1945)

V5908 Polarsonne (redesignated V5904)

V5908 Penang (sunk 26 January 1944)

V5908 Togo (redesignated V6512 and transferred)

V5909 Coronel  (Sunk by a mine 1 February 1943)

V5909 Jan Mayen

V5910 Westwind (redesignated V6314 and transferred)

V5911 Gauleiter Bohle (redesignated V6101 and transferred)

V5911 Nordkap (redesignated V6310 and transferred)

V5912 Köln (redesignated V6102 and transferred)

V5912 Polarstern (redesignated V6311 and transferred)

V5913 Wilhelm Söhle (redesignated V6107 and transferred)

V5913 Polarkreis (redesignated V6312 and transferred)

V5914 Vardö (redesignated V6108 and transferred)

V5914 Polarmeer (redesignated V6313 and transferred)

V5915 Heinrich Baumgarten

V5916 Yock

V5917 Othmarschen (redesignated V6514 and transferred)

V5918 Jane (redesignated V6508 and transferred)

Fahrprähme AF37


Landungsprähme C316, B48 and D152


61 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in November 1940. Disbanded in June 1945. Based in Bodo and engaged in coastal convoy protection in northern Norway.

V6101 Polarfuchs 28/6/1941

V6101 Nordkap 1/4/1944 (redesignated V1103 and transferred)

V6101 Gauleiter Bohle (bombed and sunk in the Norwegian Sea by Soviet Curtiss Kittyhawk, Ilyushin

Il-2 and Yakovlev Yak-9 aircraft on 25 September 1944.)

V6101 Wal 10 1945

V6102 Polarstern (redesignated V6311 and transferred) 15/3/1941

V6102 Köln 1/4/1944 (Torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea by STS206 or TKA205 on 19 August


V6102 Wal 11 1945

V6103 Nordlicht 15/3/1941

V6104 Windhuk 1/4/1941

V6104 Wien 2/3/1943

V6105 Samoa (redesignated V6510 and transferred) 1/4/1941

V6105 Holstein 26/5/1943

V6106 Kiautschou 1/4/1941

V6106 Tirol (Torpedoed and sunk by Soviet torpedo boats in Varangerfjord, 12 December 1943)

V6107 Polarkreis 13/5/1941 (redesignated V6312 and transferred)

V6107 Wilhelm Söhle (sunk by Soviet aircraft 17 October 1944)

V6107 Franke (redesignated V6110 and transferred)

V6108 Polarmeer 21/5/1941 (redesignated V6313 and transferred)

V6108 Vardö 1/4/1944

V6109 Nordwind 5/6/1941 (Sunk by Soviet aircraft 23 March 1944)

V6110 Franke 22/6/1941

V6110 Nordkyn 9/7/1942

V6111 Friese 5/12/1941 (redesignated V6112)

V6111 Franke 1/8/1942

V6111 Masuren28/5/1943 (sunk by Soviet airctraft 24 October 1944)

V6112 Gote 22/6/1941 (redesignated V6113)

V6112 Friese 1/8/1942 (torpedoed and sunk by Soviet submarine M201 off Vardø, 19 August 1944)

V6114 Alane (ex HMT Warwickshire) 1/2/1942 (redesignated V6114).

V6113 Gote 1/8/1942 (torpedoed and sunk in Kongsfjord by Ilyushin Il-4 aircraft of the Soviet Ninth

Guards  Regiment)

V6114 Duiveland 18/10/1941 (sunk by HMS Onslow and Orabi on 27 December 1941)

V6114 Alane (ex HMT Warwickshire) 1/8/1942 (torpedoed on the 20th July 1943 by Soviet

submarine S56 off Gamvik, Northern Norway).

V6114 Eismeer 31/8/1943

V6115 Salier 1/2/1942

V6115 Ostwind 18/9/1942 (torpedoed and sunk in the Barents Sea off Kiberg, Finnmark by the

Soviet submarine M-172 on 1 February 1943)

V6115 Helgoland 9/6/1943

V6116 Ubier 1/7/1944 (struck a mine and sank in Porsangerfjord on 6 December 1943).

V6116 Doggerbank

V6117 Cherusker 1/7/1944 (struck a mine and sank in Porsangerfjord on 6 December 1943).

V6118 Gallipoli 1/7/1944

V6119 Frauke 1/7/1944


63 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in May 1944 from the Narvik Hafenschutzflottille. Disbanded in 1945.Security and escort duty in northern Norway

V6301 Krebs

V6302 Widder (redesignated V6733 and transferred)

V6303 Stier (redesignated V6734 and transferred)

V6304 Waage

V6305 Franke (transferred to 61st V-Flotilla)

V6306 Orion

V6307 Mob-FD 2 Jupiter (sunk by Soviet aircraft 17 July 1944)

V6308 Mob-FD 1 Saturn

V6309 Mob-FD 3 Mars

V6310 Nordkap (redesignated V6101 and transferred)

V6311 Polarstern (sunk by Soviet aircraft dockside in Moss 8 October 1942. Raised and repaired.

Sunk again in Syltefjord on 22 October 1944)

V6312 Polarkreis

V6313 Polarmeer

V6314 Westwind

V6315 Löwe (redesignated V6735 and transferred)

V6316 Wal 10 (redesignated V6101 and transferred)

V6317 Wal 11 (redesignated V6102 and transferred)

V6321 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6322 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6323 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6324 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6325 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6326 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6327 (sunk in northern Norway 1944)

V6328 Kormoran (redesignated V6728 and transferred)

V6329 Kranich (redesignated V6729 and transferred)

V6330 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6331 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)

V6332 (KfK transferred to 67 V-Flotilla)


64 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in June 1944 from Trondheim Hafenschutzflottille. Disbanded in 1945.Divided into five groups, baed in Hysnes and patrolling northern Norwegian coast.


V6401 Hagen

V6402 Hersing

V6403 Hildebrand

V6404 Midlum (sunk in 1944)

V6405 Hermann (sunk in 1944)

V6406 Hundius

V6407 Falke

V6408 Skagerrak  (torpedoed and sunk off Folda by HNoMS Utsira on 16 January 1945)

V6409 Cimber



V6411 Thor

V6412 Frigga

V6413 Fro (sunk by British aircraft from HMS Pursuer on 14 November 1944 in Ramöyfjord)

V6414 Schwalbe

V6415 Kondor

V6416 Albatros

V6417 Loki

V6429 (KfK 635)

V6430 (KfK 666)



V6421 KfK 130

V6422 KfK 116

V6423 KfK98

V6424 KfK111

V6425 KfK 132

V6426 KfK 361

V6427 KfK 118

V6428 KfK 122



Two heavy Norwegian patrol boats plus 18 Norwegian fishing cutters)





F218 (sunk 7 March 1945 in Egersund)







65 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in May 1944 from Hammerfest hafenschutzflottille. Disbanded in summer 1945 after serving on the northern and polar Norwegian coasts.

V6501 Samoa

V6502 Kiautschou

V6503 Star 14

V6504 Claus Ebeling

V6505 Rau IX

V6506 Torlyn

V6507 Othmarschen (sunk in the Great Belt on 3 October 1945)

V6508 Jane

V6509 Habicht

V6510 Celle

V6511 Salier (redesignated V6115 and transferred to Tromsö Hafenschutzflottille)

V6512 Togo

V6513 Elster

V6514 Krähe

V6515 Hast I

V6517 (torpedo and sunk by Soviet submarine V2 on 11 October 1944)†

V6521 KfK221

V6522 KfK212

V6523 KfK225

V6524 KfK226

V6525 KfK385

V6526 KfK386

V6527 KfK465

V6528 KfK383

V6529 KfK384

V6530 KfK123

V6531 KfK120

V6532 KfK100

V6533 KfK114

V6534 KfK 126

V6535 KfK135

V6541 Drott (heavy torpedo battery)


66 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in May 1944 from Sandnessjöen Hafenschutzflottille. Disbanded in summer 1945. Stationed in Rörvik.

V6601 Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde

V6602 Rother Adler

V6603 Güldener Löwe

V6604 Wappen von Brandenburg (sunk on 3 September 1945 after running aground near Sor-Eidem, Norway)

V6605 Markgraf

V6606 Churprinz

V6607 Charlotte Sophie (sunk 18 June 1945)

V6608 Steiermark

V6609 Kärnten

V6610 Sudetenland

V6611 KfK205

V6612 KfK206

V6613 KfK221

V6614 KfK222

V6615 KfK541


V6617 KfK 634

V6621 Dorothea

V6622 Rummelpott

AF27 (transferred to 59th V-Flotilla)


F207 (transferred to 24th L-Flotilla)

F248 (transferred to 24th L-Flotilla)

F250 (transferred to 24th L-Flotilla)

Plus one picket ship as mobile torpedo battery.


67 Vorpostenflottille

Formed on 1 July 1944 in Kirkenes. Disbanded in summer 1945 after serving on the polar and north Norwegian coasts.

V6701 Windhuk

V6702 Rotges

V6703 KfK208

V6704 KfK 209 (scuttled at Vadsø, Finnmark, Norway on 15 October 1944)

V6705 KfK210

V6706 KfK375

V6707 KfK 376 (sunk at Kirkenes by Soviet aircraft on 16 October 1944).

V6708 KfK466

V6709 (redesignated UJ630 and transferred)

V6710 (redesignated UJ631 and transferred)

V6711 KfK103

V6712 KfK134

V6713 KfK105

V6714 KfK112

V6715 KfK113

V6716 KfK117

V6717 KfK504

V6718 KfK505

V6719 KfK506 (struck a mine and sank in the Baltic Sea off Swinemünde, Pomerania on 26 September 1944).

V6720 KfK 507 (redesignated UJ632 and transferred)

V6721 KfK223

V6722 KfK224

V6723 KfK350

V6724 KfK351

V6725 KfK514

V6726 KfK539

V6728 Kormoran

V6729 Kranich

V6730 Polarfuchs



V6733 Widder  (sunk by Allied aircraft at Horten, Vestfold, 23 February 1945)

V6734 Stier

V6735 Löwe


68 Vorpostenflottille

Formed in May 1944 from Molde Hafenschutzflottille. Disbanded in summer 1945.


V6801 Vikinger (sunk in Alesund by Bristol Beaufighter aircraft of the Royal Air Force on 17 October 1944).

V6802 Flame

V6803 Burgunder (sunk on 17 August 1944)

V6804 Sachse

V6805 Geuse

V6806 Alemanne

V6807 Teutone

V6808 Rugier

V6811 KfK334

V6812 KfK335

V6813 KfK336

V6814 KfK337

V6815 KfK542

V6816 KfK668 (unfinished new KfK in Swinemünde at war’s end)

Also one heavy Norwegian torpedo battery (No.6).





F220 (transferred to 11th L-Flotilla)

F285 (sunk on 7 March 1945 at Egersund)