Fallschirm Panzer Division ‘Hermann Göring’ (due 2022)

A complete history of the Fallschirm Panzer Division ‘Hermann Göring’; from its inception as a private police force in 1933 as Polizei Abteilung z.b.V. ‘Wecke’, to its final incarnation in 1945 as the Fallschirm Panzer Korps ‘Hermann Göring’, comprising both a Panzer and Panzer Grenadier Division.

The unit took part in the 1939 invasion of Poland, then an integral part of the invasion of Denmark and Norway. From that point onward the formation – or parts of it – fought in most major campaigns, including Operation Barbarossa, and battles for Tunisia, Sicily, Anzio, Warsaw and East Prussia.

This volume includes never before published personal accounts and photographs from veterans of the ‘Hermann Göring’ units.