History of War: Origins of the Wolfpack; February 2019.

Issue 065

From the History of War facebook page:

Our cover this issue is ‘Origins of the Wolfpack’, which focusses on how the German Navy developed their U-boat tactics to devastating effect during the Second World War. Largely masterminded by Admiral Karl Donitz, the ‘Wolfpack’ had its origins in the First World War but also used new radio technology and advanced submarine capabilities to prey of Allied shipping.

History of War’s two-part Bletchley Park series concludes on a high with two interviews. Veteran Betty Webb MBE remembers her time working in the famous mansion before she was deployed to the newly-opened Pentagon to continue her work on paraphrasing Japanese codes. We also talk to Sir Dermot Turing, who discusses the legacy of his famous uncle Alan Turing.

Elsewhere, Paul Hooley MBE reveals the amazing story of Wolfe Frank: the German resistance worker, soldier and refugee who became the Chief Interpreter and “Voice of Doom” at the Nuremberg Trials. We also begin a new two-part series about the Carlist Wars: the bitter civil conflicts that ravaged 19th Century Spain.

The magazine is additionally proud to be supporting this year’s FT Oxford Literary Festival. Check out page 89 for a list of exciting talks and History of War readers can use an exclusive discount code to save 20% on all non-catered events at the festival.

Also in Issue 65:

-Frontline: French Wars of Religion
-Great Battles: Saratoga
-Operator’s Handbook: English Electric Lightning
-‘The Imperial Gauntlet’: Albrecht von Wallenstein
-Heroes of the Victoria Cross: Jack Mantle
-Museums & Events
-Competition: Win a Corgi English Electric Lightning
-Artefact of War: Siege of Gibraltar Flag

From everyone at History of War, Happy Reading!

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