Hunt And Kill (2004)


I had been communicating with Ted Savas for quite a while before this project came along. He was instrumental in my writing improving as he was always available for helpful advice and encouragement. The minute he offered the opportunity to contribute to this book I was sold; and it’s always a pleasure working with him. Of course he is a fan of the same music as I…plus he’s a bassist 🙂


One of WWII’s pivotal events was the capture of U-505 on June 4, 1944. The top secret seizure of this massive Type IX submarine provided the Allies with priceless information on German technology and innovation. After the war U-505 was transported to Chicago, where today several hundred thousand visitors a year pass through its well-preserved hull at the Museum of Science and Industry.Hunt and Kill offers the first definitive study of U-505. Chapters include her construction, crew and commanders, combat history, an assessment of Type IX operations, naval intelligence, the eight fatal German mistakes that doomed the ill-fated boat, her capture, and final transportation and restoration for posterity.The contributors to this fascinating volume–a Who’s Who of U-boat historians–include: Erich Topp (U-552, Odyssey of a U-boat Commander); Eric Rust (Naval Officers Under Hitler); Timothy Mulligan (Neither Sharks Nor Wolves); Jak Mallmann Showell (Hitler’s U-boat Bases); Jordan Vause (Wolf); Lawrence Paterson (First U-boat Flotilla); Mark Wise (Enigma and the Battle of the Atlantic); Keith R. Gill (Curator, U-505, Museum of Science and Industry), and Theodore P. Savas (editor, Silent Hunters: German U-boat Commanders of World War II; author, Nazi Millionaries).

Foreword, by Erich Topp.

“No Target Too Far: The Genesis, Concept and Operations of Type IX U-boats in World War II” by Eric C. Rust.

“A Community Bound by Fate” by Timothy Mulligan.

“From Lion’s Roar to Blunted Axe: The Combat Patrols of U505” by Lawrence Paterson.

“Deciphering the U-boat War: The Role of Intelligence in the Capture of U505” by Mark E. Wise and Jak P. Mallmann Showell.

“Collision Course: Task Group 22.3 and the Hunt for U505” by Lawrence Paterson.

“Desperate Decisions: The German Loss of U505” by Jordan Vause.

“Project 356: U505 and the Journey to Chicago” by Keith Gill.

Originally published by Savas Beatie, 2004.
ISBN: 1-932714-01-4
290 pages.
62 photographs.

Available through the Savas-Beatie website and other book outlets.