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Have received some nice reviews of both Operation Colossus and Eagles Over The Sea 1943-1945. Many thanks for them.

“This splendid volume includes a profusion of previously-unpublished photographs, e.g., pictures of Tirpitz’s Arado aircraft being stored in its on-board hangar. This is a book of great scholarship, packed with anecdote and supported with descriptions of the various aircraft mentioned in the text. A comprehensive bibliography and index are included. Together with its preceding volume on the earlier stages of the War, Lawrence Paterson has produced what must surely be the definitive history of Luftwaffe maritime operations.”
Society of Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum

Operation Colossus does many things well. It provides an excellent overview of the development of parachute troops as well as an exciting battle narrative and gripping human interest story about men daring to strike a blow in the face of long odds. The book contains sufficient detail that knowledgeable readers will most likely learn something new, while readers new to reading about the war will not feel overwhelmed by jargon.Operation Colossus is a superb addition to the body of literature on airborne forces in World War Two.

Ben Powers
AR Gunners