Blood and Soil

Not one of my books, but this excellent memoir of a South Tyrolean Brandenburger named Sepp de Giampietro will be released by Greeenhill Publishing in May 2019.

The author was part of Siegfried Grabert’s unit that saw some of the heaviest combat experienced by the Brandenburgers and his account delves into how he came to be part of the Brandenburgers, his qualms about the kind of warfare they would wage, his combat service and experience after the war had ended. It is also a fascinating look at the national identity issue experienced by many from the South Tyrol; an Austro-Hungarian region annexed by Italy in 1919. The rise of Nazi Germany and annexation of Austria did not include the South Tyrol, instead each citizen was presented the choice to remain in fascist Italy and relinquish their German culture and identity or relocate to Germany.

The book also has many of the author’s remarkable photographs that show his unit at war.

It was my privilege to write the foreword for it.