All quiet on the southern front…

Work continues on the book about the 1941 SAS raid on the Tragino Aqueduct (‘Operation Colossus’) as well as Volume Two of the Luftwaffe Maritime Operations study.

As the planned latter book progressed it became obvious that to fully cover this sprawling subject matter  ranging from shipboard reconnaissance aircraft operating off raiders within the Pacific Ocean, to complex inter-service wrangling at the highest echelons of the the Wehrmacht, to aerial torpedo attacks in the Arctic Ocean – there would be two volumes. The first goes from 1935 to 1942, and the second 1942 to 1945. It’s proving to be a mammoth undertaking and I am fortunate that the publishers (Seaforth, for whom I write maritime warfare books) have been fully on board since day one.

Likewise with the Colossus book, published by Greenhill. It’s a fascinating story and needs much information from Italian sources to really make it ‘zing’, which is taking longer than expected. But it’ll be worth it…and once again I am fortunate to have a patient publisher 🙂 I’d also like to say how incredibly helpful the British Airborne Assault Museum have been. Very cool indeed.

On that note, the Brandenburger book (Greenhill) is being translated into Czech, Dutch and Japanese, and there may be others. Great news 🙂