Hitler’s Brandenburgers now on Amazon…way in advance of release :)

I wasn’t quite sure when this book was due to be released, but it has now cropped up on Amazon with a release date of 30 August. They always work far in advance…but it’s nice to see it on there at last. I’m really happy with that book as it’s a bit of a departure from my normal ones and a truly fascinating story. I’ve got hundreds of pages of documents, mainly from German archives, National Archives (UK and USA), the FSB (Moscow) and CIA. Makes for very interesting reading of a truly unique story. Just got to finish the index and it’ll be off to print soon.

David R. Higgins has written a great Foreword for the book. He wrote the excellent Behind Enemy Lines about the Brandenburger’s capture of the Maikop oil fields during Case Blue. Nice bloke – and to top it off, he’s also a heavy metal drummer 🙂

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