Hunting for information that was sent to me years ago by Angus McLean Thuermer – an American intelligence officer who was part of the OSS and later became a CIA agent in India after the war. Really interesting guy who wrote his own private memoirs ‘What To Do If Your Moustache Falls Off: Fairly True Recollections Of A CIA Man’. Sadly he has since passed away, but he was fascinating to talk to and gave me a great deal of material from captured German sources in France 1944 in particular. Great stuff for the new book…

Anyway…while hunting for it I found quite a few random things I’d forgotten about. Here are a few:

The Hamburger Fremdenblatt newspaper from 26 February 1934.
German Cavalry newspaper, 1 October 1940.

Newspaper reports of U-boats in action in the Caribbean, 1942.
British ‘Illustrated’ magazine photo article about Hitler; prepared just before the war but publishing date six days after Britain declared war on Germany.

Hitler’s death announced in L’Aube French daily newspaper.

Distracting…but now onwards with the book!