Fallschirm Panzer Division ‘Hermann Göring’ (February, 2022)

A complete history of the Fallschirm Panzer Division ‘Hermann Göring’; from its inception as a private police force in 1933 as Polizei Abteilung z.b.V. ‘Wecke’, to its final incarnation in 1945 as the Fallschirm Panzer Korps ‘Hermann Göring’, comprising both a Panzer and Panzer Grenadier Division.

The unit took part in the 1939 invasion of Poland, then an integral part of the invasion of Denmark and Norway. From that point onward the formation – or parts of it – fought in most major campaigns, including Operation Barbarossa, and battles for Tunisia, Sicily, Anzio, Warsaw and East Prussia.

This volume includes never before published personal accounts and photographs from veterans of the ‘Hermann Göring’ units.

302 pages

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“Overall, I am confident that this book will become the standard reference book in the English language on the HG Division’s history. The standard of the author’s work is exceptionally high and this new release honours the brave men of this Division – so many of which paid the ultimate price.
Dr Stuart C Blank, Military Archive Research”

“This is an interesting book of some 299 pages of small font, including notes, a list of Knights Cross recipients, and a bibliography. There are in places details of the force structure in regard to personnel and equipment. The author has written a very in-depth history of the Fallschirm Panzer Division Hermann Goering. His research is very extensive, even down in some parts to the company level.”
The Army Rumour Service

“This history of the Herman Goring Division and its predecessor units is packed with detail concerning operational structures and personnel but if that sounds dull do not be put off. It is very much part of a comprehensive and well delivered history that makes for fascinating reading. For anybody interested in the role of this elite unit, it is a ‘must read’ and as part of an understanding of the campaigns it fought, it offers a wider perspective of its interaction with adjoining units. My one gripe is the lack of sketch maps to illustrate the history, but there is always google! Also, it is not often that a serious and well-presented work of history is dedicated to Eddie van Halen. I’m sure Eddie would have approved.”
Michael McCarthy. Battlefield Guide

“A meticulously detailed account of the German air force’s chaotic foray into the world of the Panzer tank, during the Second World War…an important contribution to an otherwise little-known but fascinating unit.”
History of War Magzine, Issue 107.


Read here the story of 18-year-old Kanonier Karl Heinz Rosch of 14. Batterie/ Fallschirm-Ersatz- u. Ausbildungs-Regiment “Hermann Goering”, killed saving two children from artillery fire on 6 Octrober 1944. A statue was erected by Dutch citizens in his memory.

A statue of the young German soldier Karl-Heinz Rosch which was unveiled in Goirle, southern Netherlands, on November 4, 2008. The German soldier saved children Jan and Joke Kilsdonk in Goirle in 1944 from allied gunfire during World War II. The statue is placed in the front garden of an eyewitness. AFP PHOTO ROBERT VOS netherlands out – belgium out (Photo credit should read ROBERT VOS/AFP via Getty Images)