History of War: Hunting the Tirpitz, October 2019.

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Our naval themed cover commemorates the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the German battleship ‘Tirpitz’, a vessel that had threatened Allied forces in the North Atlantic during WWII and took over a year to hunt down and eliminate. Deep sea wreck explorer and naval historian Lawrence Paterson uncovers the final hours of Tirpitz and explains why the Luftwaffe was blamed for it’s sinking.

Issue 74 also contains two new, very unique interviews with Yulia Zhukova and Peter Taylor OBE. Zhukova is a WWII veteran who was one of the select band of female Russian snipers who fought in the Red Army on the Eastern Front. The author of ‘Girl With A Sniper Rifle’, Zhukova spoke to History of War Magazine about the horrendous fighting conditions she endured on the Soviet advance into Poland and East Prussia. Meanwhile, Taylor is the renowned British television journalist who has spent over 40 years reporting on the Troubles in Northern Ireland for the BBC and ITV since Bloody Sunday in 1972. He discusses his own experiences witnessing the bitter sectarian conflict and the continuing influence of history that still dominates Ireland and Britain’s political discourse.

Elsewhere in a packed issue:

-Frontline: Franco-Dutch War
-Great Battles: Koniggratz
-Basil the Bulgar Slayer
-Heroes of the Victoria Cross: Geoffrey Keyes
-Operator’s Handbook: Mitsubishi A6M Zero
-Opinion: The myth of the Red Army ‘steamroller’
-Defending the Falklands: Part III
-Museums & Events
-Path of the Liberators
-WWII this month
-Artefact of War: Boer War toy soldiers

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