Schnellboote reviews

Thank you very much to those people who have reviewed the book thus far.

“Covering as it does an aspect of naval operations not previously covered in an accessible form this book is an important addition to the body of coastal forces literature, and should be essential reading for anyone interested in the wars of the ‘Narrow Seas’. It is also particularly well written for an operational history and is quite gripping – difficult to put down once you have started!”
Battlefleet, Naval Wargames Society Journal

“A complete operational history.”
Warship World – March/April 2016

“This recently published work on the operational history of German S-boats is comprehensive and well written. Relatively little on design and development here, as the focus is, as the title notes, on operations.”
1250 Scale

“This is an excellent account of coastal forces warfare from a German perspective.”
Ships Monthly, September 2016

“The history of naval warfare in the Second World War is a well-worn path, and it is refreshing to encounter a work that is significant and adds to our understanding. This is quite simply an outstanding book.”
Mariner’s Mirror – reviewed by David Bowen